Who we are

The initiators of MotorboatMatch have a passion for motorboats.
Our passion and many years experience in motor boating resulted in this website and our further nautical experience. We realize that for most people buying a boat is fulfilling a lifetime dream. We also realize that it is not easy making the right choice from the extensive range of new and used boats on offer. Unfortunately there are also situations we know the dream did not came true. We aim on getting a ‘match’ between man and boat, buyer and seller

The team of MotorboatMatch:

Eric van Nieuwenhoven
For the last 20 years, I have been a fanatical motorboat skipper. With several types of motorboats, I have been sailing, not only through Holland but also abroad. During the many days and nights I have spend on board I have learned what the important basic and comfort needs are on board many different types of boats.

In England, I did the course for Yachtmaster Offshore at the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). After that, I started a motorboat sailing school in Holland. As a qualified instructor, I teach motor boaters how to handle and manoeuvre their boats.
I started MotorboatMatch as an answer to the many questions and stories I received from my customers.

Edwin Wijenberg
I have been working within the banking sector for more than 18 years. In 2004, I changed my work and my career. I always had a passion for watersport; from windsurfing into a sailing boat, and from this into motor boating. I did the official Dutch course for Yachtbroker and after passing the exams, I got a job as Yachtbroker. Because I also have the official Insurance diploma, in the Yacht brokerage the activities of yacht insurances became my responsibility.
As Yachtbroker and yacht insurance adviser, I had frequent contact with boat owners. One of the things that struck me during these conversations was how different their requirements were with respect to the boat they were searching for. In fact, they were just as different as the range of boats itself.