MotorboatMatch Services

MotorboatMatch is more than just a website. Our objective is to help the lovers of motorized water sports realize their dream. We personally support you from the search for the right boat, until your first cruise. We help you whether you are looking for a used boat or a new motorboat. Here is the place to be!

Powerboats require a lot of special attention: buying, boat insurance, maintenance and operating a motorboat are things most people don't have a lot of experience with. Then there are many types to choose from: yachts, motorcruisers, speedboats, sports cruisers, sloops, inflatables, RIB's, console boats and so on. Specialized knowledge and experience is necessary to make the right choices.

Since everyone has his own unique needs and requirements a personal approach is desirable. MotorboatMatch provides personal assistance were your interests come first. We are independent and can objectively advise you, so you make the right choices. With the services below we can help you:

  • Purchase counseling: Choose the boat that really suits you, personal assistance during the purchase.

  • Boat Insurance: the best insurance for your boat, we advise and arrange it for you

  • Skipper training: the right skills for a safe and relaxing cruise, we advise on certificates and skipper training.