Boat types

There are a lot of different boat types. Depending on the use, specific types are more suitable than others.
Below a short description is given of some of the most common boat types.

These boats are made of high quality PVC. The inflatable boat is super safe, because even full of water, the boat is still able to carry the same weight. A good inflatable boat has separate air chambers, a rigid bottom with V-shaped keel and a solid transom on which - if desired - an outboard motor can be attached.
If deflated, the boat takes very little space to store: easy to take as luggage in the car.
Another advantage is that the boat can be stored at home during the winter. So no berth in a marina is required and thus costs are saved.

A RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is a cross between an inflatable boat and a speedboat. While the flexible, air-filled tube gives buoyancy, the plastic or aluminum body, like a chassis, provides the necessary strength. RIB’s are relatively light and have excellent sailing properties for high speeds on rough water.

This is a collective name for all motorized boats.

Fishing boat
Fishing can actually be done from any boat. But not every boat is really suited as a fishing boat. Certain types of boats are ideally suited for fishing. Open boats or larger boats with a large open cockpits with much space for handling the rods and with room for other gear are perfect fishing boats. Except for an outboard motor real fishing boats are often equipped with an electric motor. A swivel chair, pole standards and electronic fish finder make a boat ideal for fishing.

The word ‘Vlet’ is derived from an Old Dutch word that means ‘shallow’. A vlet is a vessel with a shallow draft. The flat bottom and thereby low draft made it possible, also at low tide, to reach the shore. The round hull form makes a vlet extremely strong. From the sailing characteristics can be said that they are easy navigable and to some extent, are seaworthy. Motor vlets are mostly built for dredging companies because they are excellent work ships. Many of these vlets also had a provision for towing. Since they are indestructible you they still everywhere.

This type has its origins in sailing. The current motor boats have a robust and tough line, usually a fan-shaped stem.
The motor cutter is, for its original use as a sail boat, for many sailors the least painful transition to the world of motorboats. Also as the successor of the open sloop, the cutter is a popular pleasure yacht.

There are sloops in many variations, depending on propulsion and / or use. If there is a common feature it is the straight keel bar across the length of the boat.
Modern motor sloops are mainly made of polyester. For the ‘looks’, the traditional profile of the body is preserved. Together with the rope around the boat it gives a tough appearance. Sloops come with inboard or outboard engines.

Cabin Boat
A cabin is the place to stay on board a ship or boat. Each boat that has a sheltered area where crew can stay, is a cabin boat. The opposite are the open motorboats. Open boats have as a rule, no cooking, sleeping or toilet facility. Exception to this rule are luxury sloops. You see more and more luxury open sloops with basic facilities on board.

A speedboat belongs to the category Sport Boats. This type of boat is all about speed. This is reflected not only in power but also in the design and styling of the boat. A speedboat is an open boat. With a cabin, these boats are called Sport Cruisers.
Speedboats are equipped with an outboard or inboard engine. The propulsion of an inboard engine consists of a solid shaft or stern drive. A stern drive is a cross between an inboard and an outboard.

Ski boat
A ski boat is a fast sport boat specially designed for water skiing or wakeboarding. Ski boats have an inboard engine and a fixed drive shaft. So no outboard or stern drive. Often ski boats are equipped with an integrated swim platform at the rear of the boat. This facilitates easy access to the boat from the water. The centre of gravity of Ski boats is lower situated than at normal speedboats. Therefore they are slightly more stable.

Ex-professional craft
These are ships which formerly professional or business used. In order to make them suitable for water sports the interior is often thoroughly renovated. There are also ex-professional recreational vessels in use with the layout and equipment deliberately close to its original condition. Former cargo boats and tugs are suitable for conversion to recreational use.

Console Boot
A console boat is an open boat powered by an outboard engine. The steering position is mounted just before the center of the boat. They are sporting boats with relatively much moving space. The position of the driving console gives the driver a good view around from his seat.
The console boat is multifunctional. It is not only a great boat for a cruise with your family, you can also use it for water skiing or fishing. The open cockpit is self draining and makes cleaning of the interior after a day of sailing very simple. Console Boats are usually made of polyester. The boats are easy to transport on a trailer.

Sport Cruiser
A sport cruiser belongs to the category Sport Boats. Characteristic difference between a speedboat and sport cruiser is the availability of a cabin on the latter. The lockable cabin contains sleeping, cooking and sanitary facilities. The larger sports cruisers can compete in luxury and comfort with motor yachts. The sport cruiser is longer trips.

Motor yacht
A motor yacht is a pleasure boat that differs from other cabin boats by the size, comfort and luxury on board.

Canal Boat
The name clearly indicates the purpose of these boats: sail through canals. Canal Boat is not a brand or a reference to a yard where they are built. Characteristic of a canal boat is the limited vertical clearance. Furthermore they are not too long and therefore easy to maneuver. Open boats with ample seating are ideal as canal boat. Both steel rowboats with outboard motor and luxury polyester boats can be used as a canal boat.