Purchase counseling

Enjoy boating without having to worry
Of course, that is what you want to do with the boat you are searching for. But first you?ll have to find the boat that fulfils your requirements. While searching the enormous number of boats on offer you will probably ask yourself the following questions:
  • What type of boat best suits my demands in boating and my personal situation?
  • How can the technical situation be judged and what are the sailing properties of this boat?
  • What is a realistic purchase price?
  • How to further the buying-process?
A boat purchase is a big decision to make. That is why it is important to take your time before deciding. MotorbootMatch will gladly support you in your decision making. We are professionals in yachting and have many years of experience with motor boating in practice. We are fully independent and are willing to help you create a ?perfect match? which will result in happy boating and enjoyment on the water. Our Purchase counseling contains the following:
Standard Purchase counseling
  • Intake: Together with you, we determine your personal demands.
  • Site Visits: We view the boat of your choice.
  • Report: You receive a report with our comments and advice.
Advanced purchase counseling
  • Trial run: We make a trial run and we judge the boat
  • Underwater hull: We will inspect the underwater hull
  • Negotiating: Evaluation of the boat and its asking price
  • Delivery: We see to it that the boat is delivered to you in accordance with the contract.
Besides the above mentioned services we can also help you arrange a technical survey and take care of the paperwork like the purchase contract, VAT statement and, if required registration in the Ships Register.The tariff of our Purchasing Assistance Service depends among other things on the number of boats you want us to see with you. It is further based on the length of the boat. If you only want to make use of one of our services, of course this is possible.

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